What Happened to You?



I have been asked this question many times during the last few years.  People used to ask me that in a negative connotation once.  Eight years ago, I was a “normal’ healthy 20 something girl ready to take on the world.  Then, I started having pain. I went to school to be an EMT and could not pass the test. I would fail by one point each time. I started having migraine headaches and stiff neck.  I went to the doctor, fixed that pain. Check.  Then the pain would move.  By the time I got through seeing the doctor every day for a week, I had 18 out of the 18 pain trigger points for Fibromyalgia. I would spend the next 6 years trying to find the right medication to restore some sort of comfort and normalcy. I’ve often been asked “What happened to you?” I used to take that very negatively but now I know it is a compliment. So…..How do you go from this……  2005


Before I was sick

pretty girl



To this……2008

fat mommy

-53 lbs