The Pluses and Minuses of Sepia

I made a trip to Drug Emporium today to start my day one of let’s prevent a pms monster from emerging next month treatment plan. Upon researching perimenopause and P.M.S., I found out in the symptoms I have been having each month especially the last year, that moods originate in your liver. If you are having a lot of fatigue, and IBS symptoms each month, you may need to support your adrenal glands and liver. Sepia is good for the mood swings before and during your period. Sepia comes in pellets that dissolve in your mouth. They are very small and taste like French vanilla which is not a bad thing. I started it today and at first, it made me feel kinda funny. It almost gave me a mild headache.  Within an hour of taking it,  the headache was gone, I was calm, and felt much better. I decided to do some research on the effects of taking Sepia, side effects, adverse reactions, and tell you about them. Another thing I have found out in my personal case of PMS “monster” syndrome is I have to stay detoxed at all times, and support my adrenal glands. I still have cramps that put me in the bed every other month but it is getting better the longer I take my herbs. I have started taking D.E. and it has helped me greatly. My functioning is almost back to normal. I didn’t think I would see this when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia almost 8 years ago. I got Fibromyalgia a week before I married my wonderful hubby. Marrying my hubby was absolutely one of the BEST decisions in my life. I have learned a lot from both Fibro and my hubby. Sepia affects the uterus. It is used for people in a state of collapse, chronic fatigue, weakness, hypertension, emotional indifference and apathy. If used properly, it has no adverse side effects and is generally well tolerated. I am very sensitive so I use the 6c strength found at drug emporium. A small bottle has lasted me 3 months and I paid $6 for it. It comes out to $2 a month, well worth it and so affordable. If you use it too much, you will have side effects. Some potential side effects is pressure or “bearing down” in your uterus with the feeling your insides are gonna fall out. You can be not interested in sex or have hot flashes. I already have hot flashes so it calms mine down. You can get constipated, or have a empty feeling tummy that is not satisfied by eating. Taking too much sepia can cause you to become moody, indifferent, sad one minute, then stubborn, aggressive, disagreeable, defensive and irritable the next. You may cry easily and want to be around friends and then run them off. Taking too much sepia can make your body feel a “ball” in your throat, bottom, stomach or uterus. You might also feel cold or get too warm as well. Please don’t take too much. You just need a little bit to do the trick. The longer you take it, the more it builds in the body as well. I take 5 6 c pills every other day while on my period for two weeks, then I don’t use it. I have been fine doing this. I have been on it for the last two months and this month I finally recovered normally. I was so relieved and happy. If you like what you read here and would like a health coach, please email me at


Coach Crystal D


One thought on “The Pluses and Minuses of Sepia

  1. To treat symptoms of water retention usually connected to the PMS, all patients must drink the Natural Diuretic Tea for a period of seven to ten days-before the beginning of the monthly menstrual cycle. All the herbs and remedies given below are helpful in dealing with PMS.

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