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PMS Prescription

Do you feel like this?




I think all of you women know this type of pain out there. YES……It is P.M.S. I don’t think there is a woman out there that likes going through this in life. I recently have started having a bit of issues with this the last few months, all tests come back normal. But…..I do not FEEL normal. I even had this chat with my awesome male doctor. His comforting words were that he cannot take away PMS or make me not have a period. I know that, but is there a way to make the symptoms so much less DRAMATIC???? I think that doctors just don’t know what they don’t know about alternative medicine. I really want to take the eebie jeebies out of using herbs, healing touch, and prayer. I do not think all of alternative medicine is rooted in magic or the occult. I know some of it is and I am very careful as a Christian where I tread. I believe in an ultra smart Creator who made our bodies super smart. Our bodies know what we need to heal from food. These days, the nutrients are missing out of our food due to all the processing and chemicals we use. We are also leading mostly sedimentary lives also. I became a Certified Fibromyalgia Success Coach to support others in their journey and help others reclaim their lives from illness. I also am becoming a Certified Health Coach and am earning my B.A. in complementary and alternative medicine. I have suffered with hot flashes, terrible moodiness, nausea, migraines, pins and needles in my feet, at times incontinence, dry skin, sweating, not able to sleep no matter what time of day it is. I will be fine once I start, it all goes away. For a week up to two weeks, I am absolutely sick. I struggle to concentrate on school work, business work, and relationships. I tend to withdraw from people during this time. I have had my hormones checked and they are “normal.” I am happy about that because HRT is very expensive. However, Healing for me, and (hopefully for other women too) is on the way. I learned some really cool things about our bodies in my search for an answer. I turned to herbal remedies and found some really hopeful things. I will report the next month to tell you if the therapy is working. I learned from the herbal community, that if you have IBS during PMS time, you need to increase your fiber intake. The three most inexpensive products to use every day to avoid the PMS pits are Sepia, Lycopodium and a vitamin called Femaprin. I am going to try these first. You can get them from herbspro.com. I do not get a commission for using herbspro. I will report back next month to tell you how this work. There are definitely other products out there that work as well. I found  a few of them. I chose these as the best for my situation. I am not a doctor and do not treat or diagnose any illness. I offer support and knowledge that I acquire. I want people to know that we do have options in life. We only have to discern the truth about them and make our own decisions.
God Bless You,
Coach Crystal D


Where are you coming from?

Where are You coming From?



I feel honored and privileged to be writing this blog post today. It is gonna be a little bit long but it is necessary for people to really know me. I want you to know the heart of this coach. Prior to meeting Jesus Christ (No, I am NOT one of those religious fan-natics), I was a messed up mess. I was promiscuous and mental. Seriously, I had a mental break down. I tried to die several times and was totally convinced I could NOT succeed at anything not even dying. Now, I realize God protected me from worse things than physical abuse, mental abuse, and other abuses we need not go there. I am very familiar with trauma and the after maths it leaves behind. It made me sick. I wish I could say that on November 18, 2002 the trials stopped but they amped up. I was warned about the destroyer coming after me so I prepared myself. I would not know that I had to contend for my healing for over 10 years. I think I suffered in silence needlessly and I am writing to tell my story to help YOU not suffer at ALL. It started with a left arterial bleed to my kidney. I was told that I would not live to see 30, make out a will and leave my two children at the time in the care of someone else. I was angry! Noone else was gonna raise my kids and I just got saved, it was not time to die. I told some family members and we went then,to war. On Sunday of that week the day before I was to start dialysis, I was healed by God. My pastor called out the issue, laid hands on me and instantly the pain was gone. I was so happy! God was REAL. The health crisis was far from over. The next scare came when I got engaged to Derrick (most awesome hubby in da world). I had a female organ cancer scare. I had a growth on the back side of my left ovary. Don’t know what’s up with the left side. The devil likes that side I guess. I was healed after surgery from that. Derrick and I got engaged, things went quite for a bit. I thought okay, it’s all over with. A month before my wedding, the bomb dropped. I was getting migraines. They were so bad I had to be put on medications daily to prevent them. We got that fixed, and the pain moved down into my neck and shoulder areas. I carry stress; I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders literally. We got that solved, and then it moved into my back, arms and legs. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I have taken every medicine out there for it. If you wanna know something, just ask me. I have wisdom in both alternative medicine and pharmaceutical medicine. I prefer alternative medicine just to be clear. I had 18 tender spots out of 18. I was put on pain meds and we would adjust them constantly. I lived on my couch for the last 6 years. I was not able to work or play with my kids until this year. My kids are angels. They are my health monitors. After I had Isaac 6 years ago, my body has never been the same. The pain was horrible, I started getting hot flashes, and night sweats. I’m like I am 35, I cannot be going through menopause already. Yes, you can!!! This week I got some answers. I think a lot of us moms suffer in silence, isolated and alone for no reason. This week, things came to a head. I have been PMS monster lady for 6 months straight. Can my hubby get a purple heart for putting up with me? I could not take it anymore this week. I also passed a clot the size of a grapefruit. No kidding. The doc told me I may not be making any hormones in my body any more. It made sense to me. We will have confirmation of this next week. I got desperate and got me some Remifemin. It has been a God send to me. I am back to my old self again. No pain, no mood swings, just feeling good. I am so excited. No pain meds for two days now. I think it is OVER!!!! I know it is. Slowly but surely, I am weaning off of the medication. Some tags that I wore were Bipolar and Fibromyalgia. Looking back, I think my body had hormonal issues my whole life since I was a little girl. I wrote this blog to get some feedback. How many marriages fail because of these issues? How many give up? How many women die? Ladies, we need to rally together and support one another.  If you have weird symptoms, get them checked out. Pronto! Listen to your body. God made them very smart. They know what they need. Feed it great nutrition. Rest, Relax. I have no more anxiety and no longer worry as well. Wellll…..that is my story and I am sticking to it. Now you can see why I am a little odd. I’ll write my odd advice on dealing with these issues in blogs to come.


Thanks for reading my book,



Health and Wellness Coach/Advocate


Dealing with Territorial Spirits

  1. The spirit world is not for amateurs, spiritual knowledge brings GREAT responsibility.  We are accountable to God for our knowledge to help others.  There is always a price that has to be paid for this type of knowledge.  I am not saying I have the knowledge but am learning it for a reason and that primary reason is to help those who want the knowledge to live passionate, glorified, real, authentic, serving lives to God’s glory and that alone. It’s to help ease your earthly suffering while we bring heaven to the earth once and for all.  With that said, the path is often difficult and only those who know how to persevere in faith are successful.  There is always a confrontation that happens when you start to minister.   Physical symptoms of a territorial spirit might include fear, upset stomach, and buzzing in the ears that makes you feel dizzy and confused.  Your ministry is a threat to their rule over the people of that area. Generations of witchcraft were probably practiced in the area that you experience these things.  The witchcraft can have a religious packaging. God provides a way of escape if the people will repent and seek Jesus wholeheartedly. This spirit tries to intimidate you with threats in an attempt to FORCE God’s servants to back off.  Don’t back off. Stand in the Word of God and let it proceed out of your mouth in AUTHORITY.  The spirits are afraid they are going to lose their power base and their ability to rule over the people.  Trust that the Lord will protect YOU and all of those you are associated with.  In Mark 5, Jesus met a man who had demons and lived among the tombs.  These spirits in him were called “Legion,” for they were many.  “The spirits begged Jesus again and again not to send them out of the area.” (5:10)  They had a lot of power that particular area, because raised pigs, contrary to the commands of the Lord.  They tried to bargain with Jesus to send them into a herd of pigs, so that they might remain in the area.  We must not think that Jesus complied with their wishes.  He used this incident to show us that demons are real entities, not someone’s overactive imagination or cultural superstition.  Only real entities could affect a herd of two thousand pigs enough to drive them into a frenzy down a steep bank on the run into a lake and drown.  Ironically, the spirits ended up without a place to dwell and probably had to go where the Lord sent them. 
  2. Another scriptural example of territorial spirits is provided in Daniel 10.  the angel messenger told Daniel that the answer he had been bringing in answer to his prayer had been delayed for three weeks because a demonic prince overPersiahad detained him.  The messenger said the angel Michael had come to his aid (10:13).  The angel also said that he would have to fight against the demonic princes ofPersiaandGreeceon his return and that he would have only Michael to help him (10:20-21



Be careful of healing witchcraft. It is psychic healing with religious packaging. This concearns me personally because I LOVE healing.  I am not a “religious” person. I am a Bible believing, toting, Word reading, Bible living, precious woman of God who genuinely wants to see people healed for God’s glory and that alone. I do research healing in all kinds of ways but I believe in prayer for healing and the laying on of hands as described in the Bible. The Bible and time with the Lord is my authority I am submitted under. For an overview of what I truly believe, please visit http://www.champschurch.com. They are my leadership. : ) I love love love love my church family and am so very blessed.


Call in backup, get your prayer partners praying AND ministering with you.

Bind the territorial spirit and all other demonic spirits, Some high ranking spirits actually thrive on the battle and often we are led to switch course and pray against them. There are some territorial spirits that are extremely powerful that require a lot of prayer support to contend with them. We are always dependent on the Lord and HIS authority given TO US to defeat this spirits as the devil is a defeated foe. In Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28, we notice that Lucifer is the power behind both the king ofBabylonand the king ofTyre.   Their domains were really his domains.  It brings to mind the offer that the devil made to Jesus when he tempted him in the desert (Luke 4). “The devil led him up to a high place and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world.  And he said to him, ‘I will give you all their authority and splendor, for it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to.  so if you worship me, it will all be yours.’ “(Luke 4:5-7) Jesus did not challenge that statement, because it was true.   Jesus even called him the “prince of this world” in John 12:31.  He rules over the kingdoms and countries working through the rulers and governments.


Don’t get slack or weary contending with these spirits. We as Americans are spoiled-we like variety and change. When we act spoiled, slack and do not engage in spiritual warfare, problem after problem begins to develop. People begin to attack each other.  Don’t get caught up in putting out “fires.” These are minute details. Focus on the actual ROOT of the problem: The territorial spirits not the people manifesting them.  Being slack spoiled and not at war allows these spirits to reorganize and retaliate against us and wreak havoc. They keep you so busy and off balance that we forget about our mission. Persevere in what the Lord wants you to do.   


Territorially, Satan is the “prince of this world.” (John 12:31; 14:30, 16:11) has his kingdom organized on many levels with his princes serving him keeping this world in bondage. Look around at all the perverse things that happen. You know in your heart that this is true and not what we were created for. We were created to be in relationship with God, a romance, a great adventure not despair, sickness and death. Not work yourself to death and have NOTHING left. We cannot allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problem(s). We have to keep focused on Jesus and be obedient to the calling that he has given to each one of us. TheKingdomofGodneeds to increase its presence not presents in the world and one day, Jesus will usher in the Kingdom in its entirety.  The battle is God’s and we are his warriors that await his command.

Much Love and Light in Jesus Christ of Nazareth,

Crystal Dunn aka CoachCrystalD

Who is this Coach? What makes her an expert in Fibromyalgia?

Who is Coach Crystal Dunn aka The Voice of Fibromyalgia?

I am a fun loving, free spirited, freak fly waving, funny, spiritual Christian who loves the universal laws that the world operates on. I love to encourage others, read books, do research on various topics, do a radio show, and am a cohost on Winning Life Through Pain at Blog Talk Radio. I believe it is every person’s right to choose a happy life no matter the circumstances or not. I am a Certified Life Coach through Express Coaching and the Certified Coaches Training Alliance. I am constantly growing and expanding my services. I am a full time college student at Argosy University. I have three beautiful children and one great husband. My children are Dylan-14, Anabella-10 (almost 11) and Isaac-5. I am a healing minister and prayer warrior at Champion’s Church in Abilene Texas. http://www.champschurch.com. Oh yeah, did I mention I have Fibromyalgia and Bipolar Disorder? I practice what I teach and it has been life changing for me. I want to change YOUR life today.