More of Christ please. I just got some amazing news from a high school friend of mine. He has taken in two people who would not have had a place to go for Christ-mas. To me, that is EXACTLY what Jesus wants us to do. That is just one example of more Christ, please and less commercialized stuff. Yes, my kids are Totally into Santa but more importantly, we are discussing WHY we celebrate Christmas. WHY this season is important.  I would like to ask all of you to pray for my friend, Jenn Burnett of She and a team of volunteers from my town are going to Pattya Thailand to help women who are exploited there. I have partnered with her in prayer for this amazing opportunity. Jenn is a beautiful woman of God. You should read her blog. She is absolutely lovely and amazing. I can’t wait to see and here reports of how God uses this team of hearts. I am saying I want more of Jesus and less stuff this year. (yeah, stuff is nice too) Stuff doesn’t last though. I want lasting treasures of heaven. : ) My advice: Look for Christ in your Christ-mas season.

Love, Peace and Light,



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