What happened to you?

What Happened to You?

I have been asked this question many times during the last few years. People used to ask me that in a negative connotation once. Eight years ago, I was a “normal’ healthy 20 something girl ready to take on the world. Then, I started having pain. I went to school to be an EMT and could not pass the test. I would fail by one point each time. I started having migraine headaches and stiff neck. I went to the doctor, fixed that pain. Check. Then the pain would move. By the time I got through seeing the doctor every day for a week, I had 18 out of the 18 pain trigger points for Fibromyalgia. I would spend the next 6 years trying to find the right medication to restore some sort of comfort and normalcy. I’ve often been asked “What happened to you?” I used to take that very negatively but now I know it is a compliment. So…..How do you go from this…… 2005 To this……2008 This is me 3 years after Fibro. What started changing was my medication. I got put on Topamax for migraines. It worked great but it made me gain 50 lbs in one month. It has taken me since 2011 to really work and start to lose the weight. I have lost 53 lbs. What contributed to this weight loss? I can tell you it is not eating like I should. I have days I eat sweets, I still drink coke but I am getting fairly healthy again. I struggled for a long time to lose weight. It’s hard. My son Isaac used to pat my tummy and call me fat mommy. That really hurt. It sure was true and sometimes the truth hurts very badly before it heals. I started going to Zumba classes with my friends and having fun. I still couldn’t lose weight like I wanted. A friend of mine introduced me to the catalyst that would change my weight life forever. I tried Advocare’s Spark drink and really did fall in love with it. I had energy like a kid again. It was great. I could move, I drank my water. I had a clearer mind. (I need to start ordering this again btw). I also took their 24 day challenge to see how much weight I could lose then and see how well I could feel. It was the best money I ever spent. I lost 15 lbs of fat all in the waist area in 24 days. The weight just fell right off. I stopped using the products but still have continued to lose weight and feel good. I also started taking Diotamous Earth or D.E. (fossil shell fish flour). D.E. keeps you regular and flushes out your system. It also helps you absorb your vitamins better. It has made a great difference in my life. The biggest secret I have is I rely on God’s word daily. He is the true source of my change. Applying Bible principles has helped make me a better person. I learn daily and apply to my life and see the blessings. Now for the big reveal…..this is what I look like now…… 2012 And….. I hope that by the baggy pants in the pic you can see how much weight I have dropped. It will be time to get new pants very soon again. 🙂 I am at -53 lbs. If you would like to know more about the 24 day challenge, you can check out my Advocare site at http://www.advocare.com/12025884. I hope you enjoyed this journey. I know I have. More healing to come. I am truly happy. 🙂


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