God is still working miracles today

Writing this blog post could potentially be dangerous.  There will be people with a religious spirit that will criticize it, try to argue out of it, etc. Those people I don’t write for anyways.  This is my personal testimony about two of my friends. The team I am on prayed for the Alvarez family during some hard times.  They were obidient to God in all areas of their lives. You see, Ivan doesn’t have a job.  He gets 2 job offers per day, he could have a job but he is waiting on THE job that the Lord wants him to do.  The Alvarez family got 10,000. Their testimony at church elevated my faith. Yesterday, I had a perfect day. Literally, timing was on point all day. It flowed, it was so amazing that I got 3 hours of sleep last night.  It was the Lord not mania.  I told the story to my friend, Kath.  I did not know she was worried about her finances.  She’s my Fibro sister.  She is having a lot of pain right now.  Anyways, she just received word from the tax people that SHE is receiving  $10,000. I’m praying mine in next along with clothes and a car that doesn’t guzzle up gas.  God’s not a genie but he is far greater than you can imagine. Wanna know him? Follow me.  Come learn from me as I do my best to be like Jesus.  Is this kinda thing for you? Yes, The Bible says that God is not a respector of persons. What he will do for one child, he will do for all.  Not a child, yet? Contact me. I’ll help you become one. That is my heart’s desire.

Much Love from Him,

Coach Crystal D-VOF


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