What does an uncluttered mind look like?

It is peaceful, undisturbed.  The actions you take are efficient, productive. You feel light, calm and alive. Take any thought pattern that holds you back and ask these questions:

Do I need this? Is it essential or necessary?

Does it serve me? Is it helpful or useful?

Am I attached to it?   Can I let it go?

Does this thought or feeling comfort me in some way?

Turn your thoughts away from non-essential thought or feelings every time it arises.  With great wisdom and love, simply notice, inquire, receive and watch what happens.

From: A Flourishing Life Blog


As I write this post, I am decluttering my home with the help of my amazing mother. I have learned one thing about myself over the past two months; I tend to make things more complicated than they really are.  It’s okay, self awareness is a precious gift and shining the light in the darkest of places is how we heal and grow spiritually, mentally and physically. I have also become increasingly more comfortable in my own skin. I am starting to develop more self confidence.  I am learning what pushes my buttons and what doesn’t.  I am getting ready to start my 6th semester in college.  I am working on getting my in Psychology.  I am also starting a second job on October 24th plus I minister at my church. To make this long story short, I don’t have time for any kind of clutter. I am kicking it out of my life for good. What I have noticed in un-cluttering our home is everyone’s mood elevated. I feel more confidence because now my house looks like a home and feels like a place I want to be.  What happened to me was we moved into a very old house that noone took care of before. Then, I got discouraged and kinda let it go. Wellll…..I finally asked for help and got it.  I am so glad for my mother. She is amazing. She is the organizational queen.  We have used things from both of our houses to redo this place. It looks amazing.  It feels amazing. It’s going to put my mind at ease so I can get the things done that God has called me to do.  Now, all that is missing is my Jeep to come home.  3 weeks with no car has been quite an experience. : )

My advice: Get your mind and home uncluttered.  It will help ya feel much better. : )

Coach Crystal D


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