Highest Possible Good aka love

Love is wanting the highest possible good for someone. Last night, I received my prayer language.  A prayer language is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Just like I give you a present, God bestows his “gifts” on his children. It was really cool!!! I’m a skeptic. I know God works on this heart constantly. I’m honest. I would never intentionally lead anyone astray. I invite anyone to search out the Bible on any subjects that I teach. I love God and his people. My friends wouldn’t let me receiving my prayer language be the only thing that happened last night. They wanted the highest possible good that God had for me. They prayed healing over me. I have had this done for me lots of times, often with disappointing results. It’s different this time. I can feel it down to the heart of who I am. I am healed. Now…..I am starting to walk like it. : ) Thank you Jesus. All the glory of my life goes to Jesus. He is my healer and best friend.

Coach Crystal-VOF


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