Speaking in Tongues

Speaking in Tongues Am I not anointed because the Holy Spirit has not yet filled me to overflowing? Am I not chosen if I don’t speak in tongues? I believe that I am anointed and God does speak to me often. I started speaking Spanish in class when the Holy Spirit came upon me. I do speak a little Spanish in the natural but this was different. I knew and could see words that I don’t really know. I’m starting to hear people speaking Spanish and have understanding as if it was in English. This happens to me a lot. We taught on speaking in tongues to the children. I had not received my prayer language as of yet. I tried to speak in tongues (maybe that is the problem). I couldn’t. It was as if something tied my mouth shut and I just couldn’t do it. I understood and loved the lesson. It really helped me see clearer. I am not much of a vocal person. Most of my gift has to do with listening and challenging people to grow spiritually, then mentally, and last physically. That’s why being a counselor (therapist) and life coach fits me so well. I listen and help others find their path to healing. I guess the biggest thing God has shown me today is I don’t trust him enough, I don’t trust life enough, I don’t trust what the spirit tells me enough. I got to say that the revelation hurts. I love God so much and I take serving him very seriously especially wanting to coach full time. I’ve been asking for two years to be a healing minister. I’ve been trained up for such a time as this. I see in the spirit visually more than I do vocally. Also, on the way home, I could see a prayer language so…..yeah, I suppose when the spirit moves me at the right time I can pray in tongues too. I received so much love, understanding and forgiveness in God today. It took 2, five year olds to understand it for me. I got to say that my friend who taught the lesson Ivan Alvarez totally changed the way I was taught about tongues. The greatest thing he said is when you are not used to using tongues, they are different. When you lead a spirit filled life, Life is different. Thanks God and Ivan. Much love to all out here reading this. Coach CrystalD-Voice of Fibromyalgia


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