What do you take for Depression/Fibromyalgia?

As a response to many inquiries, I wanted to address the question What do you take for your Depression and Fibromyalgia? As a professional who helps others as her lifestyle, I get asked this a lot when clients want to get to know me. I love this question. First, I wanna say that I am not a doctor and I recommend that if you think you have either of these illnesses please seek medical help. Follow the instructions of your doctor. Second, I believe in taking nutritional/herbal supplements from a certified herbalist in order to regain health and to remain as healthy as possible. I have a great herbalist. Her name is Marguerite Wright. She knows about meds, interactions, and has never steered me wrong. I highly recommend consulting her with your health issues. Her website is http://www.motherknowsbest.net. She charges $35 for her consult and it is worth every penny if not more. She will design your own personal healthy program. I am currently on Day 7 of my healthy program. I still battle with the loss of motivation and fatigue of Depression and Fibromyalgia combined. However, I can tell a big difference. My pain levels remain pretty low (I take one pain pill per day vs. every 6 hours), and my mood has been consistently good. Here is my list of everything I take: Cymbalta-120 mg Zyprexa-5 mg Inderal-40 mg Celexa-20 mg Naproxen-500 mg Meloxicam-40 mg (? Not sure have to get my refill) Robaxin-750 mg Welltabs-one tab per day (They really work) TCM Mood Elevator-one tab per day NutriCalm-3 tabs per day ProYamG cream-2 pea size drops per day I have also done the Tao He Cleanse and I’m on Day 7 of my Parasite Cleanse. All of these products except for Well Tabs are purchased through Nature’s Sunshine. I buy them from Marguerite’s Site. I feel strong and healthy for the first time in my life. It’s been a true blessing. I am hoping to eventually be med-less. I am moving in that direction slowly but surely. I feel happy consistently for the first time in a long time. It makes a difference. I hope you find what works for you. I am not a medical professional and the information on this post is not to be used to treat, prevent, or diagnose any condition.


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