What does a perfect day look like?

What does a real life “Perfect Day” look and feel like?


I have never had an experience where I noticed ALL day went smoothly, brought in much needed blessings, provision, and so much joy. See, I have been actively focusing on the positive and looking for the juicy goodness in my life with support for a year now. I repeat 12 months, and I had never created my own perfect day using Deliberate creation, law of attraction and then allowing it to unfold perfectly in my life. Life is really simple-Be-Who are you being?

Do-Take inspired action vs. doing and doing and doing (We are not human doings-we are human BE-ings.

Have-Expect that you get exactly what you asked for or better. We are always delivered what we need and for our highest good. Yes, always for our highest good.  I woke up yesterday morning with a gut feeling that this day would be special. I held that intention all day long. The first thing that happened was my husband called and took money out of his savings account so his family and animals could have food as there was none in the house. There is now. I had no gas, so it provided gas for me to go to my training class plus I got some things for the house. Then, after lunch, I just noticed the perfect timing we had all day. Everything was in sync and it flowed beautifully. The blessings did not stop there. At my church ministry training, I got to teach BE DO Have to the church.  Also, I got my first client and I am so excited to have her and her wisdom come forward. I’m getting super excited about all of YOUR transformations as well. I am gonna keep living this way. It’s AWESOME and FREE!!!! I love love love love it and I love love YOU.

Here’s to transforming our world,


Coach Crystal Dunn VOF


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