Our “Musts” Vs. Our “wants”

What is the difference in a “must” and a “want”? Who decides what you “must” do and a “want”? I thought these were interesting questions. They came up for me when I was doing my daily energy clearing. Knowing the difference in what I “must” do and what I want to do has shifted my mindset and manifestation in my life. I believe in the Law of Attraction. I believe in taking inspired Action, and then allowing things to be. I have been tangled up in the “musts’ of life. I must clean my house. I must be a mom. “Musts” have been given to us by society along with standards that we “must” live up to. I call them society’s belief system. It is largely fear based and I don’t believe in them. Do I clean my house? Sometimes, I’m getting better at my manifesting and organization. I want to go to college and get my Christian Counseling degree. I want to live a full filled. Passionate life where my words make a difference in people’s life. I think “musts” are good and gives us something to aim for. They are not all bad. They keep us safe. Focusing more on what you want, taking inspired action, and then allowing life to unfold in your life, trusting in the highest good, that’s the secret to manifesting what you want.
What do you think? Do you have “must” it is like me?


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