Hello World! Nice to meet you!!

This is my first official “blog”. I have had another

one for awhile. It was my Life Coaching site.   I 

have decided to move permanently to Word Press.

I am no longer “marketing” my Coaching practice.

I have decided to just share my knowledge and

many expertises with the world. I believe God

will  lay it on your heart if you are to be my client.

I have made this blog with the intent  of people to

get to know me, my mind and heart. In person, I  am

rather shy. I am a very passionate person. I am

an expert in living with Fibromyalgia and I have

personally met Bipolar Disorder. My life has been

touched by trauma, illness, job loss, job gains,

working at home, motherhood, Autism, ADHD.  I

use these things as ways to really connect to people.

I have decided to become a life coach and Christian

counselor in order to help people. My motto is “If

this girl can do it, live life to the fullest, anyone can.”

I invite you to pull up a chair, get a cup of coffee

and  join my life. I hope you find a friend here.

God Bless You!!!  If I can help you, email me at



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