Hard work


Proverbs 14:23

All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.

 God rewards those who work hard and diligently. Are u stuck ina rut? Waiting on an ice cream truck? I learned an important lessonSaturday. Isaac wanted an ice cream from the ice cream truck. I wasworking on my sites. livingpassionatelycoaching.webs.com andworkathomeunited.com/CrystalDunn

Isaac could hear the ice cream truck in the distance. He got ready andprepared. He and Dylan gathered up all of our dollars and quarters theycould find so all of us could have an ice cream. They hurried and wewaited and waited and waited. Heared it again. Waited and waited andwaited and waited. Nothing. Isaac and I decided to take action. Wedecided to walk to find the ice cream truck. Isaac had to stop to lookat every flower he met. Lellow, red, purple, it didn’t matter. Theywere all beautiful and new in his eyes. I decided to stop and starewith him. It was very contagious. I felt God speak to my heart for menot to get so caught up in chasing my earthly rewards, they will comejust as the seasons do, like birds of the air, God will take care ofme, too. I decided to enjoy the present moment. It was such a freeingfeeling for that instant. 3 hours later, God did reward the kidsdiligence and granted them their ice cream. I learned a lot that day.


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